How do you define your perfect casual look?

Casualwear stands out for its versatility and comfort. The casual style is synonymous with freedom because it has no hard and fast rules. However, casualwear isn’t just about donning a hoodie, tee, tank top, joggers, or hat. You’ll also have to redefine what casualwear means to you to discover your unique casual style. Unleash your creativity: your wardrobe is your canvas. But how do you define your perfect casual look?


What is casual style?

Casualwear is a practical and comfortable fashion style that emerged in the early 20th century. It advocates for functionality as a determining factor in dressing. Coco Chanel incorporated athletic wear in her collections to liberate women from tight-fitting corsets, while brands like Levi Strauss, Converse, and Lacoste focused on men’s casualwear. Today’s ever-evolving casual style isn’t restrictive and doesn’t have a specific definition. However, casual doesn’t mean lazy, sloppy, or untidy.


Types of Casual Styles

When discussing casualwear, most people think of t-shirts, shorts, and sweatpants. Casual is also synonymous with laid-back weekends. However, this clothing style has more to offer. You can find casual clothes to fit your lifestyle regardless of profession and background. Here are the six main types of casual styles: 

  • Active casual: What do you wear when working out or exercising? You’ll need active casual clothes, such as tank tops, leggings, joggers, biking shorts, and leotards. These pieces blur the line between casualwear and activewear. You can wear active casual like Yoga Capri Leggings to meet friends for a cappuccino on your way home from the gym.
  • Sporty casual: This type of casual style borrowed a leaf from sportswear. But it's not the same as sportswear. Most sports fans and spectators wear sporty casual clothes like polo t-shirts, branded tees, shorts, and hats. This casual look is also perfect for running errands on your day off or hanging out with friends.
  • Rugged casual: Outdoor adventures during cold seasons require warm clothes. Think of hoodies, jeans, hiking-type boots, pom-pom hats, and thick socks. For example, you and your partner can wear matching Mahe hoodies or sweatshirts to keep you warm on your leisure walks during cold seasons. You can tone down your rugged casual style to help a friend clean their garage or move to another apartment.
  • Smart casual: This casual style is the go-to option for semi-formal situations. For example, you and your workmates are going to an upscale restaurant for an informal dinner with the boss. You can wear slacks, jeans, skirts, a long-sleeve shirt, loafers, and a sports coat.
  • Dressy casual: This style is a fancier version of smart casual. A not-so-dressy look is perfect if you're invited to a casual wedding. No jeans allowed! Wear clothes with rich fabrics. Then, accessorize with the classic flat-brim snapback hat to add flair to your dressy look.
  • Business casual: A suit and tie is too official for some occasions. With a business casual look, you get a comfortably relaxed version of classic official attire. It is similar to smart casual but more tailored to professionals.

Each casual style has several sub-types. Remember, casualwear doesn’t have restrictions. You can redefine the six types to develop your unique casual look. 




How to redefine your casual style

We all have unique clothing preferences and tastes. So, there is no one-fits-all casual style for everybody. Redefine casualwear to ensure your casual clothes and accessories adapt to your look and lifestyle. How? Here are some tips to help you discover your perfect casual look:

  1. Start with the basics

Fit is the foundation of any outfit. Anything too tight or hanging loosely can ruin your casual look. Choose perfect-fitting casualwear that flatters your body type and enhances your best features. For example, if gym classes have blessed you with a perfectly toned flat tummy, flaunt it by wearing a cropped tee. You can also pair a tank top with trendy flex leggings to accentuate your curves.

  1. Unleash your creativity

Although casual is versatile, it doesn't give a free license to dress boringly or sloppily. Sticking to your old shorts, worn-out t-shirts, and dull hoodies is lazy. Think in and out of the box to ensure your casual look makes a bold statement. First, analyze all casual styles based on your fashion taste and identity. Second, look at the existing items in your wardrobe and pick your favorite casualwear. Which casual clothes and accessories can fulfill your definition of perfection? Choose pieces that reflect your identity and individuality. A perfect-fitting women’s sweatshirt with a matching skirt shows you can adapt to different styles.

  1. Adapt to your lifestyle

The perfect casual look should proclaim your identity. Think of your social and recreational activities. Most fitness enthusiasts prefer active casual, while sports fans fancy sporty casual. Rugged casual is often the go-to option for outdoorsy and adventurous souls. Picture your ideal weekend and customize your wardrobe to adapt to your lifestyle. Look for clothes and accessories that make you feel relaxed and happy. A frost guard hoodie with faded jeans is a perfect casual look.

  1. Refine your casual look continuously

Casual style is fast-evolving, and so does your lifestyle. Your favorite fashion style 10 or 20 years ago is irrelevant today. After finding your perfect casual look, refine it and update your wardrobe continuously to reflect new trends and your evolving lifestyle. Don't be afraid to mix and match. Instead of sticking to one particular style, search for new pieces to enhance your casual look. For example, pair the Irish Luck tee with a blazer for a more polished casual style.

  1. Master the art of casual style

Masters understand that the perfect casual look blends comfort and fashion with minimal effort. It’s all about finding the right balance between comfortable and stylish. Accessorize to add some personality to your look. For example, a Mahe pro hat can add sportiness to your casual style. Keep your dress code simple. Wearing too many items can make your casual style look cluttered and confused. A pom-pom knit hat, t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers can be more stylish than a complex combo. Master the dos and don’ts of casualwear to continuously refresh your perfect casual look.


What are the must-have casual clothes?

The casual style allows you to be creative and have fun. It doesn’t restrict you to a specific trend or design. However, you'll need must-have pieces to attain your perfect casual look. These clothes and accessories are synonymous with casual wear. Here are a few examples:

T-shirts and shorts: A T-shirt and shorts are a timeless combination. Tees also pair nicely with other pieces, including jeans, skirts, sweatpants, and leggings. Their versatility transformed casualwear. A cool tee can deliver your perfect look whether you seek active, sporty, rugged, or smart casual. Ensure you have t-shirts in different designs and colors. Your shorts and tees should be comfortable and stylish.

Hoodies and sweatshirts: Hoodies and sweatshirts are versatile wardrobe staples for casual occasions, from running errands to lunches. These iconic symbols of comfort can be tailored to fit your perfect casual style. Wear a hoodie with faded jeans to create a laid-back vibe, or pair your hoodie with pants, skirts, or leggings for a fresh look. Sweatshirts are lighter than hoodies, making them the go-to option when relaxing at home or meeting friends for brunch. Both are the ultimate layering pieces. You can get high-quality sweatshirts for special occasions and stitched hoodies for everyday wear.

Tank tops, sports bras, and vests: You can use tank tops for layering or make it the star of your summer or winter casual look. Ensure you get a high-quality women’s casual tank top to bring your ensemble together. You’ll need a sports bra for an active and sporty casual style. Most people wear their vests under shirts, jackets, and coats. However, vests are also wearable on their own as outerwear. You can pair the Muscle Max sleeveless shirt with several items for your summer casual look.

Accessories: Hats are must-have casual pieces. These accessories add personality and style to your look. However, not all hats work with casual outfits. Ensure you have hats for different occasions and styles, including a flat brim, pom-pom, trucker, performance visor, bucket, and pro hat. The bucket hat can deliver casual sub-styles, like feminine boho, monochrome minimalism, retro, and street-style edge. You can get a cozy cuff beanie to add flair to your outfit and keep you warm during cold seasons. Other must-have accessories include necklaces, bracelets, scarves, sunglasses, and bags.

Casual shoes: Some shoes look ridiculous when paired with casual wear. Ensure you have comfortable and stylish footwear that elevates your outfit. The best shoes for casual styles include sneakers, sandals, trendy slip-ons, and loafers.


Casual is synonymous with adaptability and comfort. But there is no one-fits-all casual style for everyone. Understand what casualwear means to you to develop your perfect casual look. Analyze types of casual styles, unleash your creativity, adapt the best option to your lifestyle, and refine it continuously for improvement. Master the art of casual fashion to ensure your stylish look never fades. You can rely on Mahe Threads to access must-have casual clothes, including hoodies, sweatshirts, tees, shorts, tank tops, sports bras, joggers, leggings, and hats. All Mahe products are designed for comfort from high-quality materials.   








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